Donald Trump Said What?!

Giving a speech can be a daunting task for many people.  There are a lot of articles out there that offer advice as to how to give a great speech.  Forbes has an article online that suggests being well prepared, working the room, using relaxation techniques, standing up straight, being confident in your body language, and taking your time (Smith, 2013).  Sometimes watching a good speech can help give people an idea of what they should and should not do when giving a speech.

But what if someone decided to watch the current presidential campaign speeches?  What if they decided to model their speech after Donald Trump?  Trump definitely is well prepared and confident, and he probably does not need to do any relaxation techniques as he seems quite comfortable in front of any type of crowd.  So technically speaking, his speeches are very good.  But he also uses harsh insults to drive his points home.  In a recent speech, Trump slammed everyone from the President of the United States to U.S. senators, governors, the media, and politicians as a whole. Trump’s take on the people who report unemployment statistics: “Bunch of clowns. Bunch of real clowns” (Kurtzleben, 2015).

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The question here is not whether or not Donald Trump is an effective speaker, but rather this:  

Do the insults made by Donald Trump sway your decision one way or another as to what his effectiveness as a President would be?  What would happen to speakers (like PR professionals) if they chose to speak in a similar manner?


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